About Mimi Diamond:

I am an American painter. I grew up in the Northeast, went to college in the Midwest and settled in the deep South. Primarily a colorist, my work is usually true to life but the colors are often brighter than reality. This gives a magical feeling and perception that the world is a richer, more beautiful place than we see in our day-to-day lives.

I design a concept and paint with brushes and pallet knives. I try to create an image that is relevant today, whether it’s recreation of a marsh or town scene, an abstract or people interacting with one another.

Determining the color use in my paintings and solving the problems associated with that is more thrilling than execution of the actual detailed likeness. And the most satisfaction in completing a painting often comes from working with a client until they are pleased.

I began painting as a child and was fortunate to begin art lessons at ten years old. I have been drawing and painting since, received a BFA and worked as an artist, illustrator and in public relations in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. I have continued studying under West Fraser, Chris Groves, SCAD professors Jeff Markowsky and James Langley, and Florida artists Julie Hanson, Joe Miller and Jane Slivka.